High Quality Clear Aligners

M.BRACE provides your patients with the best possible treatment due to accurate 3D treatment plans and automated, highly precise production of aligners.


We pay attention to the highest quality standard. Our product is BPA-free and our materials used are CE certified.

Through partnering with one of the few aligner manufacturers in Europe as our supplier, we use a proprietary flexible material.


The effectiveness of M.Brace in correcting a range of malocclusions is noteworthy, producing significant improvements. It is capable of treating various dental concerns including overbites, gaps, crossbites, overcrowding, and similar issues.

Get a glimpse of the transformative power of M.Brace through a featured real-life patient case. This example is showcased with a unique slider tool, enabling you to view the remarkable transformation from before to after the treatment. M.Brace not only achieves outstanding results but also provides clear benefits, enhanced comfort, and superior efficacy.

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3D Treatment PLan

Our orthodontists will provide the treatment plan for your case.


Clear Aligners

Your Clear Aligners will be ready to be shipped within 10 working days after confirmation.